Fighting Radical Socialism and Standing with Trump

Luke knows we need a fighter in Washington who can get results. As a delegate for President Trump, Luke’s ready to work with President Trump to defeat Nancy Pelosi and the radical socialists to keep our economy moving forward.

Standing Up for Life

Life begins at conception. Luke is 100% pro-life and will always stand up to protect the unborn.

Defending Our Second Amendment

Luke will always fight to protect our Second Amendment Rights. As an avid hunter and sportsman, Luke is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment.

Supporting Louisiana’s Farmers

Luke worked on the farm bill, expanded crop insurance, and created new trading partners for Louisiana’s farmers. No one else can match Luke’s agriculture experience, and no one else will fight harder for Louisiana farmers.

Supporting Louisiana’s Timber and Logging Industry

Louisiana loggers and foresters provide excellent use of our land resources and are key contributors to the North and Central Louisiana economies. Luke has supported these jobs and industries, and the Louisiana forestry industry knows Luke will always have their backs.

Supporting a Strong Military and Prioritizing National Security

Luke believes that making sure our United States Military is fully and properly funded should be one of the highest priorities when it comes to responsibilities of the federal government. In the words of Ronald Reagan, “Strength is the most persuasive argument we have to convince our adversaries to negotiate seriously, and to cease bullying other nations.”

Building the Wall

Luke fully supports President Trump’s construction of a wall on our southern border. Luke has said, “Where I come from, I’ve always believed in the old saying: “Good fences make good neighbors.” Illegal immigration is a serious threat to our nation’s security, and Luke believes we should fully fund construction of a security wall on our southern border.

Standing Up for Our Veterans

Our veterans have earned the benefits we as a country have promised them. As the proud grandson of two World War II soldiers, Luke understands the frustrations our veterans have had when it comes to getting the benefits they deserve, unreasonable wait times when visiting VA facilities, and the difficulty many veterans have in rural communities, with significant distance to a VA Hospital. We must continue the progress that President Trump has delivered, and never stop working to make sure our veterans receive the greatest care in the world.